I want you to feel FULLY prepared going into your NYC Flying Dress Photoshoot.

First of all, your flying dress session will take place at an iconic NYC location around sunrise time. That means early morning, so don't forget to get some proper beauty rest and go to sleep early the night before! Give yourself ample time in the morning to get your hair and makeup as you please (or, choose to add on a hair and makeup artist for an extra fee!) so you don't feel like you are rushing.

The flying infinity dresses that I use in these sessions are gorgeous, handmade infinity dresses that can be tied in a multitude of ways. They are made from high quality silk and handmade in Croatia by a skilled tailor. The endless fabric flies effortlessly in the breeze, which creates a beautiful effect. It also can expose you if you're not prepared! Make sure to wear spandex shorts because the dress WILL fly up.

Additionally, think about whether you would prefer to have your back exposed or not when choosing what bra to wear. If you definitely want a bare back look, wear pasties, a sticky bra, or free the nips! If you're not comfortable with these choices, we suggest you wear a skin-colored bra.

Another thing to consider is shoes. We want you to look elegant while still being relatively comfortable. Consult your photographer before the session to find out how much walking you may need to do in the location you have chosen. If you want to wear high heels, we suggest you bring other shoes to walk to and from the shoot in.

Finally, think about how the wind may affect your hair! If necessary, bring a brush or hairspray. This is totally optional, but just something else that may help create the perfect look and you know your hair best.

To reiterate, don't forget these three things:

  • Spandex shorts
  • Sticky bra / pasties / skin-colored bra
  • Wear cute but comfy shoes or bring a pair of sneakers along with your high heels!

Got it? You're ready to go, it's that simple. See you soon, beautiful!

NYC Flying Dress Photoshoot
NYC Flying Dress Photoshoot
NYC Flying Dress Photoshoot
NYC Flying Dress Photoshoot