When given the opportunity to help Justin, a Tennessee native, pick the perfect spot in New York City to propose to his now-fiancé, I immediately thought of Summit One Vanderbilt. With jaw-dropping views of the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and all of midtown Manhattan and copious amounts of natural light, I knew it would be the perfect spot!

After coordinating with Justin and creepily pretending to be on my own while following them around in the Transcendence Room, I gave him the signal and it was go-time. Kellye was beyond thrilled (and the gorgeous diamond ring with a pave band definitely didn't hurt!) and she tearily accepted his marriage proposal.

We spent the rest of our time at Summit One Vanderbilt admiring the views, and I was able to chat more with them and get to know them as a couple. Capturing their love was the easy part, they were clearly elated that the beginning of their NYC getaway weekend was going off to a romantic start.

Pro tip for the future-proposers out there:

  • Proposing in the Transcendence Room is probably your best option as it is the biggest so there is more room for you to propose without having tons of people in your picture. Plus since this is the first room in the Summit One experience, you'll have more options for pictures in all of the rooms afterwards.
  • Playing with the balloons in the Air Room is a great way to get out all the adrenaline, too!
  • Make sure you or your partner don't wear a dress or skirt! The glass floors would let people look up skirts, and no one wants to be worrying about that.
  • Make sure to buy your tickets for you, your future fiancé and your photographer in advance.

Pro tip for photographers:

  • Scout out the area and quietly tell the people around that there is going to be a proposal happening there, they'll give you space and be excited to watch!
  • Sunset is absolutely gorgeous, but the view is honestly great no matter the time of day and the building itself creates open shade in the exhibit.
  • Enjoy that light!!!!!

Take a look at some of the final results!

Couple hugging at Summit One Vanderbilt gazing at the Empire State Building
Man proposing to woman on one knee at Summit One Vanderbilt with diamond engagement ring
Up close view of woman's hand wearing a princess cut diamond engagement ring with pave band on man's tweed jacket
Engaged couple playing with silver balloons at Summit One Vanderbilt Air Room
Couple kissing during engagement session at Summit One Vanderbilt in black and white
Engaged couple gazing out at view at Summit One Vanderbilt