Hey there, parent of the year!

Kids grow up fast, but photographs last forever. Capture the joy of whatever phase your children are in because you're going to be surprised that you actually miss stepping on Legos and helping with math homework in just a few short years!

As a former elementary school teacher and camp counselor, I absolutely love and truly care for families and their children! In my teacher role, I learned how to entertain kids strategically and turn everything (literally everything) into a fun game. Worried your sassy pre-teen isn't going to cooperate? I actually was a middle and high school camp counselor, I will be your adolescent whisperer.

Some parents think that regardless of how beautiful their kids are, that they aren't photogenic. However, I strongly believe that everyone is photogenic, you just need the right photographer. (Hi, hello, it's me!) I will help you pick the right outfit to flatter your complexion and body type, and work to get only your BEST angles. Plus, we'll have fun chatting throughout our session.

I can't wait to get to know you and your family and turn your memories into a work of art that you can hold in your hands forever.


Jones family

“Omg Joliette, these are so beautifully captured! We love them!”

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A simple process for stunning results...


Pre-session: Planning

  • Free consultation call and then book with me!
  • Fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know your family (and how to best serve you!)
  • We'll pick out you and your family's outfits together so you all look coordinated and stylish.
  • I'll put together a custom moodboard to make sure we're on the same page.


Day of:

Let's do it!

  • Relax and have fun!
  • Our session will be about 30 minutes to one hour, we will make sure that we don't overwhelm those kiddos!
  • More than enough photos to create your perfect gallery to turn into beautiful artwork!
  • Multiple outfit changes and locations if you so choose, whatever you feel most confident in.
  • Your kids will probably have inside jokes with me by the end of our session!



the big reveal

  • We will meet in person or over video call and I will show you the final images!
  • You will choose print products from an a la carte or collection menu to turn your session into true works of ART!
  • You go home happy as a clam and consider whether you and your kids should go into professional modeling because you look THAT good.

Featured work

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What's your pricing like?

To reserve a photography session, you must pay the retainer fee, which includes complimentary personalized planning advice, a custom moodboard, and 5 high resolution final images.

Additionally, I offer a variety of heirloom art products that are custom-ordered from only the best photo labs. These can be purchased before or after your session and products begin at $40.

Do you shoot in a studio?

If you prefer a studio setting, that can be arranged for an extra fee! Otherwise, I have lots of options for outdoor photos or we can take photos in your home for a true genuine glimpse into your family life. Regardless, they will come out beautifully.

you're based in nyc, but do you travel?

I am more than happy to travel anywhere that I can drive. I am originally from CT, I have family all over NY, and I went to college in Boston so I am pretty well-versed on the whole Northeast area. I'll factor travel into your final pricing!