Getting ready to pop the question, but feeling nervous?

Don't worry, you're not alone! So many men and women want their proposal to be perfect for their partner, especially with social media telling us that it needs to be FIREWORKS! But, guess what? As long as you have put some thought into it, you're partner is going to love it (and by that I mean, don't just ask in your kitchen .... unless your S.O is a chef.... that may be a good idea actually).

However, proposals are really a one shot wonder that you want to get right. And if it's this big moment, you probably want it to be well documented too. That's why (insert princess wave) you should work with a photographer who specializes in proposal photography. Your photographer can truly help you bring your idea to the next level, or at least make sure that it will be perfectly captured.

When you're thinking about how to get that perfect proposal moment, start with a location. Is there somewhere that has special significance to you both? Maybe it's your first date spot, or the beach where you first realized you had truly fallen in love your partner. Or, is there somewhere special that your partner has been wanting to visit?

For example, Marlen had always dreamed of how beautiful a NYC proposal would be. Her now husband, Brian, knew that he wanted to get engaged in New York City with the skyline in full view. And just LOOK at how happy she is!

When I help photograph a proposal, I make sure that the soon-to-be-fiancé is thinking about more than just the ring. I suggest where exactly to kneel or stand at a location, what angle it should be at, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to signal to me that it's happening! These critical details can completely enhance your entire experience (and photos that will last forever).

Need help going above and beyond? I am more than happy to brainstorm with you other ways to make this day extra special for you. Bring in the champagne, cupcakes, roses, and more! We've got some planning to do, and you are going to CRUSH it!